Best Smoking Accessories and Tools To Boost Your Smoking Experience

Best Smoking Accessories and Tools To Boost Your Smoking Experience

Best smoking accessories

BlueBus Best Smoking Tools and Accessories Best Luxury Smoking Tools!

As the smoking culture is growing more than ever so the retailer’s demand for the best smoking accessories today.

With the intense competition for best smoking accessories out there, it is hard to find reliable and luxury items that are worth your dime.

To help you make the best decision for your smoking needs, we have a list of the best smoking tools for a lifetime.

If you are looking for storage boxes, grind, loading try, lighters, and or control odor and mess, this blog article is going to be perfect for you.

Irrespective you are a beginner smoker or an experienced smoking connoisseur, having the right smoking tools can make all the difference.

10 Best Smoking Accessories in the market

1- BlueBus Grinder

Smoking grinder


Bluebus gac 2.5 ceramic grinder is the first recommended smoking accessory to make you every smoking experience enjoyable & lavish.

This grinder’s ceramic coating remains intact, while the coating of other grinders peels off over time.

Bluebus grinder helps you get rid of stressful cleanup and accident spills. It prevents material from sticking to the grinder’s surface.

Sharp teeth help to cut the spices and ensure even grind every time.

It is smooth in functioning and reliable for a long stay. Beautiful packaging makes a unique gift on special occasions.


  • Strong neodymium magnetic lid keeps your spices locked in place.
  • Diamond sharp teeth for perfect grinding.
  • Deep tray with rounded corner to prevent material stickiness with grinder surface.
  • Stainless steel mesh screen.

Price: $29.90

2- Genesis Storage Box



We guarantee you, that the Bluebus discovery and Genesis storage boxes are another luxury smoking tools you want to add in the smoking collection.

Made from pure bamboo, contains a rolling tray for important accessories. It is a movable try. You can attach or remove them according to your need.

You can only take a portable tray instead of taking the whole box with you.

Bluebus discovery storage box also has finely defined upper and bottom compartments for long-term storage. It offers ample space for all your needs.

The box’s lid has pieces of magnets. It can hold all your other accessories.

It is an excellent gift idea for Christmas because it is durable in construction and function.


  • Made of bamboo.
  • Box lid containing magnetic board.
  • smell proof glass jars.
  • Mini scissors.
  • Round herb brush.
  • metal stickers and plate.
  • Smell-proof bag, keys, and wall hook.
  • Silicon sticks and cone funnels.
  • Tools stand and cleaning brush.

Price: $169.90


3- Loading tray



Bluebus Orion cone loader and the Blaze wooden rolling tray can effectively save your time in a hectic day.

Let’s say you are buried under a pile of files, and you want to have free breath with your smoking stick.

But stick loading can take time. Here is Bluebus loading tray that comes in. You can fill multiple sticks in no time.

It is an all-in-one loading try that makes your task stress-free, enjoyable, and easier.

It gives superb results by delivering mess-free sticks every time. You can carry the Orion cone loading tray anywhere from vacation to the office and set it up in seconds.

The metal cone is solid and corrosion free. It is perfectly level-up with a bamboo surface.


  • Made of bamboo wood.
  • Clearing brushes.
  • Easy to
  • Metal cones.
  • Magnet holder easy to assemble and dissemble.
  • Corrosion-free metal stand.

Price: 39.90

4- Zippo Lighter

Zippo's lighter

Cool Zippo's Lighter

Zippo’s tabletop lighter offers a new design for the classic collection. It offers decent-touch ignition that allows you easy and quick lighting.

All metal construction makes this tabletop light, solid-smoking luxury.

It is a reusable design and pocket carry lighter that can add class to the classic addition of smoking tools.

You can adjust the flame and refill it as many times as you want.

The flame duration is 5 seconds which is long enough to ignite your smoking stick.


  • Made from metal.
  • Long lasting.
  • Pocket carry.
  • Flame duration 5
  • Push button piezo ignition.
  • Adjustable blue flame height.
  • Refillable with butane fuel.

Price: $13

We try to give our customers the best smoking tools an accessories so it will be affordable for any pocket!

Use BlueBus Products to enjoy the best smoking accessories and to enhance your smoking experience.

The Best Smoking Tools Today: The List continues..

5- Glass Ashtray

glass Ashtray

Gone are the days when filthy ashtrays were an eyesore in your living room.

Yew Yew's glass ashtray is a stylish piece with a deep enough well to prevent ash from overflowing.

 Stylish, easy to clean, and, as an added bonus, you can pass it off as an ornament object or key holder if you have non-smoking guests.

It is an additional decoration for your home, garden, office, hotel, restaurant, or favorite location.


  • Nice quality, strong.
  • heavy Duty Design
  • Non-slip bottom design for large 3 cigar rest ashtray.
  • Simple to Clean and Maintain
  • Excellent for both indoor and outdoor use

Price: $65

6- Odour control

smoking odor removing gel is a non-hazardous and efficient way to eliminate cannabis odors.

This gel eliminates odors at the source with plant-based odor neutralizers and is free of VOCs, plasticizers, and other dangerous substances.

The smoking odor-removing gel is a good choice for a long-lasting remedy to cannabis odor control and is available in 30- and 60-day resources (7oz and 15oz, respectively).

It is a safe and effective formula.

It has two monthly odor control capacities.


  • Free from harmful chemicals, phthalates, and
  • Safe for use around animals.
  • Plant-based odor neutralizer.

Price: $9


7- Rolling papers

EzRollerz rolling papers come in two packs and are ideal for those looking for a quick and easy way to flip their smoking sticks.

These papers are composed of 100% hemp. Their composition marks them as an organic and eco-friendly choice to consume.

They also come with a sealant strip that makes it easy to seal your joint or spliff.

The width of EzRollerz rolling papers is 1/4 inch, giving smoking customers plenty of space to work with.

EzRollerz rolling paper is durable, portable, and affordable.


  • 100% hump.
  • Seals Hussle free.
  • You can get discounts on ordering in a .
  • Ultra-thin rolling paper.
  • Natural gum.
  • All natural and additive-free.

Price: $9


8- Carry case keychain



Carry your smoking sticks/vape or in style with Sackville & Co’s carry case.

Your belongings will be kept clean, and the interior of your bag will be grateful.

This keychain boy is also water resistant, airtight (can't be sniffed out), and keeps your marijuana fresh.

The carry case keychain is a real head turner in soft brushed gold.

You can attach it to your keychain for quick access, making it the ideal on-the-go companion... travel, fest, pre/post workout, party time... you name it, you need it!

This is one of those luxury smoking accessories you should never leave the house without.

You can also use our Bulldog Smell Proof Bag to carry all your tools you need effortlessly everywhere you go.


  • Made of Gold metal.
  • Corrosion-free and water resistant.
  • Pocket carry and
  • Dimensions 0.5 X 4.5.

Price: $20

9- Smoke Eater Spray

Mold Monster’s smoke eater spray can break down the odor of a cigarette, cigar, or smoke without the need of washing or running.

Spray smoke eater spray on any surface, including the headliner in your car, and let it work its magic!

The secret weapon is tea tree oil, which naturally and harmlessly breaks down any unwanted aroma at the molecular/enzyme level.

Rejuvenate your curtains, couches, clothing, and hair.

Works on odors other than cigarette smoke, such as mold, food odors, and musty rooms!


  • Contains tea tree oil in formula.
  • All Natural.
  • Works on any type of surface.
  • Nonallergic and non-toxic.
  • Break down aroma at molecular level.

Price: $10

10- Cigarette holder

Bewild’s cigarette holder makes you crush-proof and save money.

It can hold 20 large cigarettes and 20 small cigarettes, depending on brand and size, at once.

It is perfectly floral engraved and settled among the best in the classic collection of luxury smoking accessories.

It has a pretty face and holds pretty fairly your cigarettes.


  • Lightweight & pocket carry.
  • Made from metal.
  • Floral engraved.

Price: $7


Bottom Line

 Above mentioned luxury smoking accessories can add style and class to your smoking collection. They all are elegant in functioning and construction.

All mentioned best smoking accessories stay well.

 However, on the basis of reviews, “Bluebus” has the most classic and elegant collection of the best smoking tools today.

From storage boxes and loading trays to grinders, everything is exceptional and superb. They all are easy to carry, reliable, and affordable.

If you need any further information, let us know. We always go the extra mile to help our customers.