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Best Gifts For Smokers You Can Buy Today - 20 different ideas

Best Gifts For Smokers You Can Buy Today - 20 different ideas

Most Gifts For smokers usually women buy for their man - Did you know that?

Looking gift for someone who loves smoking?

Bluebus got your back. We feel uniquely qualified to recommend high-quality and reliable gifts for the stoners in your life.

This list includes grinders, storage boxes, and loading trays.  Of course, all the products are designed to make your smoking experience hustle free.

Our best smoking gift ideas are eco-friendly, non-polluting, and worth having on display.

So, don't be afraid to continue reading the highly recommended gift ideas below to find the best gift for a cannabis lover.

With over 20 awesome gift ideas, they will not disappoint you if you take the time to look through them all.

20 best Smoking Gifts You Can Find Online

1) Blaze Wooden Rolling Tray



BlueBus’ blaze wooden rolling tray adds a new standard of convenience and style to the world of smokable herbs.

This svelte and fashionable tray is a full solution for individuals who value sustainability, quality, discretion, and functionality.

It's more than simply a place to roll your herbs. The Blaze comes in a strong, portable, odor-proof bag with an ecological plastic cover that is simple to grab and go.

With all of these advantages, it is a great choice for anyone who is concerned about the environmental effects of their purchasing decisions.

Additionally, the tray, box, and accessories are created from eco-friendly materials, making them a great choice for that cannabis that are looking to enjoy their herbs while reducing their environmental effect.


  • Made of bamboo
  • Phone holder
  • Tin case
  • Metal cones and funnel cones
  • Metal packing sticks and mini scissors
  • Keeps everything on fingertips
  • Easy to carry

Price: $99.90


2) Discover Storage Box


Bluebus’ discovery storage box, which is made of environmentally friendly bamboo. It also has an easy-to-carry rolling tray, functional compartments, and a magnetic board.

The odor-proof jars and all the other necessities make this discovery storage box the best gift to present to your loved ones. It also comes up with a cleaning brush to gather your herbs without making a mess.

This storage box is elegant and durable. It has been built to use for years. It has a portable rolling tray that you can carry anywhere without bringing the entire box.


  • Made up of bamboo
  • Sliding rolling tray
  • Cleaning brush and round herb brush
  • Metal stickers and metal plate
  • Smell-proof bags and wall hook

Price: $169

3) Bunker Airtight Stash Jar


Bluebus’ Bunker is an aromatically sealed airtight jar that is made to keep your stash fresh and allow for covert storage. The stainless-steel interior of the bunker shields occupants from UV rays and the elements.

The smell-proof jars come up with a moisture bag inside the canister to preserve, protect, and extinct freshness. You can enjoy freshness every time.

These jars are made of food-grade stainless steel that features a thick construction to withstand knocks and drops and UV protection.

It keeps your goods safe and discrete anywhere.


  • Elegant design and is available in 3 different colors.
  • Moisture regulation
  • Heavy-duty air-tight jar
  • Air-tight rubber seal

Price $25

4) Genesis Storage Box


Blue bus’ genesis huge bamboo storage box has a smooth, sophisticated appearance and is made of superior, environmentally friendly, sustainable bamboo.

This storage box will enhance your space and go well with your home's decor.

A cleaning brush and metal packing stick, small scissors, silicone phone holder, brush for the spice grinder, and pair of jars round out the extensive accessory package.

You'll have everything you need to keep your stash organized and consistently roll excellent dice.

Strong hinges allow for simple opening and shutting, and the wooden tray slides easily for user convenience and spill prevention. Additionally, there is a specific opening in the tray for your tablet or phone.

This is an in one-package gift idea for weed addicts.


  • Made of bamboo
  • Metal packing sticks and mini scissors
  • Cleaning brush and silicon strip
  • Hern grinder brush
  • Aluminum herb grinder
  • Airtight glass jar


Price: $99.90

 5) Bulldog Smell Proof Bag

Bulldog Smell Proof Bag


Bluebus’ smell-proof lockable bag is designed to give you everything you need for a hassle-free session. It comes with two airtight jars, a 2.5" aluminum crusher, and other accessories for full odor-proof storage on the go.


It offers a combination lock for maximum security and has adjustable shoulder straps.

Bulldog smell-proof bag also has large internal compartments and dedicated sections for accessories. It easily organizes your tools just as you would in your stash box, so you quickly pack and head outdoors.

It also allows additional storage.


  • Comes with accessories
  • Contain Locks
  • Adjustable shoulder straps
  • Secured and organized packaging

Price: $79

6) Orion Cone Loader


Bluebus’ Orion cone loader can effectively save you time. With the use of an Orion cone loader, you can quickly fill up many sticks!

It includes a whole package that will make your task simple and hustle-free.

It offers premium quality & design. BlueBus’ cone packer is made of high-quality materials and has a timeless, clever design that includes a magnetic metal stand for stability, simple folding, and maximum convenience. Utilize the Orion device to enjoy the preparation process.

The benefit of the doubt, it offers excellent performance. Every time you can get perfect & clean cones! It also includes a bamboo tray, a metal cone, a metal packing stick, and a cleaning brush in addition to the foldable stand.


  • Bamboo tray
  • Metal legs
  • Metal packing sticks
  • Cleaning brush
  • Metal cone for king size
  • The cone funnel and tools stand

Price: $39.90

 7) Elevate jane mini

If your loved ones prefer water pipes, two of our experts recommended Elevate Jane's sleek option. Graham describes the Mimi as "a water pipe that makes a statement without trying too hard," adding that "it's so chic you'll want to show it off even when it's not in use.

" Meeks agrees, praising the "modern look and double percolators" that deliver "smooth, flavorful hits."

Price: $179

8) Arizer ArGo

The ArGo by Arizer is the "ultimate portable dry herb vaporizer. It features a precise digital temperature control, which the reviewer claims allows you to easily adjust to taste pure terpene profiles and produce thick clouds for an unrivaled vapor experience.

Price: $270

 9) Moose Labs Silicone MouthPeace and Filter Roll

Smokers are absolutely obsessed with this moose labs silicone mouthpiece, which has a replaceable carbon filter that can fit over any bong, vape, joint, or dab rig.

The design explains that the mouthpiece not only improves the taste of the weed but it also filters out tar residue. Smokers' lungs can be overjoyed. It may be a while before smokers can safely share joints without protection again, but Moose Labs has come through to make sure we don't have to go without.

Price: $9

More from the best smoking gifts in the market today - The list continues..

 10) Rogue Paq Mini Ritual Set

This clean, classy, and extremely high-quality accessory set can be an antique gift for your loved ones. The lighters alone are fascinating and can be a wholesome gift. 

The Rogue Paq kit also includes a stainless-steel clip-slash-packing tool, matchbooks, two storage vials, rolling hemp papers, trimming scissors, a grease pencil for labeling, and a handsome leather case to keep everything in.

Price: $232

 11) Apothecarry Wine Storage and Humidity Jar

If your recipient needs a more sophisticated place to store their stash, reviewers recommend these small jars from Apothecarry in Los Angeles. It is a shop where discretion and practicality meet luxury and class. They're pretty enough to display, and they'll keep your sticky-icky sticky and not icky, as per reviewers

Price: $20

 12) Koala Puffs Monthly Box

This box is packed with an assortment of high-quality cannabis accessories for any enthusiasts who want to collect all the necessary tools.

If the $75 monthly fee seems high, you should also go for a subscription. Reviewers assure that there is always a high-end item that any stoner would be happy to show off and that the affordability is amazing compared to the overall value range of each box.

A glass bong, stash jar, hemp grinder, raw cones, clipper lighter, odor-eliminating spray, and other items are included in the November box, for instance.

Price: $75

 13) Puffco The Peak Pro

For consumers of concentrate, there is simply no better equipment on the market today. The gadget makes dabbing just as easy as it is fun because it allows you to choose your exact temperature from your phone. Puffco the peak pro has an extended battery life, backward-compatible attachments, an improved heating system, and a gorgeous light display.

Price: $400

 14) PAX 3 Dual-Use Vaporizer

This vaporizer can be used for both flowers and concentrates if you want something more cutting-edge to smoke with. Although it's not the smallest vaporizer, it can easily withstand your clumsiness and is covert enough for you to use it secretly. Reviewers claim they used an older PAX for more than seven years before upgrading to this one, so even though the vaporizer would be expensive, it would be a gift that would be useful.

Price: $250


15) Laundry Day Tanjun Pipe

When consuming my ganja, stoners always enjoy the process of rolling and smoking a joint until they come across laundry day.  It has been said in the news a slick Canadian brand creates a variety of exquisite hand pipes made of blown glass in unique designs.

The Tanjun Pipe, however, reminds stoners of the Jantar Mantar observatory in Jaipur.

Price: $42

Best High Quality Smoking Gifts For Anyone That Loves To Smoke!

 16) GEAR Premium Sidekick 12” Tall Laid Back Beaker Tube

It is an original magnificent masterpiece. It has the all-borosilicate glass object and a flesh-mount-diffuser down stem that's set perfectly in the traditional beaker base, as well as a one-of-a-kind, patent-pending built-in lighter holster, so you never lose your flame. It is always providing a good hit and comes in five different colors.

Price: $139

 17) Marley Natural Small Holder

This is Brett Heyman, the company's founder, favorite pre-roll holder, and go-to gift for a flower enthusiast, the reviewer said. It has many positive qualities, including being great-looking, the ideal size, and odor-proof.

Price: $24

 18) Leather Pipe Case

Quality real leather is used to create leather pipe rolls. To store your smoking supplies, this tobacco pouch is ideal. Excellent tool roll for travel, daily use, or giving.

You can personalize a tobacco case with your own name, initials, quote, image, or logo.

Price: $67

19) Wood rolling tray

Get rid of plastic and use wood that has been harvested sustainably.

It is designed with a large work area, a place for your grinder and your phone, and a coating that is both food safe and durable to meet and exceed your needs for herbs. Prepare to move!

Price: $27

20) Bzz Box Stash Box with Lock

The Bzz Box (stash box) measures about 9 x 6.75 inches. A bamboo rolling tray and three glass jars are included in the large Bzz Box.

The box is wonderful for rolling because the bamboo rolling tray fits inside it precisely. When taking objects out of the box, it also rests inside the lid.

The glass jars come with a chalkboard label to help you identify your herbs and each one has its own compartment inside the box.

The rolling tray has a perfectly positioned hole that should be utilized to sweep leftover herbs into the jar that is directly below the hole after rolling.

The Bzz Box upright rolling paper compartment is also present in the box. This container was made to be placed on the coffee table. An electronic combination lock secures it.

Price: $58

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Bottom Line:

BlueBus offers timeless cannabis accessories in a variety of ranges. You can choose the best smoking accessories for your loved ones.

The designs are flawless, and the functioning is reliable. All products are eco-friendly.

Don’t worry about the price either. The cost is highly reasonable. Bluebus takes care of their client in every aspect.