Seven Reasons Why The Genesis Is The Ultimate Gift This Holiday Season

Seven Reasons Why The Genesis Is The Ultimate Gift This Holiday Season

 The countdown to the gift-giving and holiday season is upon us! And if you're already thinking about that person on your list who enjoys cannabis lifestyle and already has everything, never fear - we've got something that ticks all the checkboxes.

We're talking, of course, about the BlueBus Genesis – The ideal wooden stash box that any smoker would be happy to be gifted with. 

But what makes genesis the perfect stash box out there? 
Here are seven reasons that makes Genesis Stashbox the ideal gift this holiday season:

1. It's A Complete Set Including Accessories And Tools

Some people have grinders but not a rolling tray. Some have products but no jars to keep them in.

Or maybe they even have these items, but they are misplaced somewhere.

You can see the dilemma here. Our BlueBus Genesis Bamboo Wooden Stash Box Kit contains everything needed to enjoy cannabis, tobacco or other herbs - all in one place.

 A convenient top compartment provides space to tuck away other accessories such as trimming scissors, rolling papers, and lighters.

Available in Blue, Black, Natural, and Bordeaux, the elegant and minimalist design of the Genesis make it the perfect gift idea for any cannabis lifestyle user. It is the gift that keeps on giving!


2. A Place For Everything In One Stashbox

Undoubtedly, how people enjoy cannabis lifestyle and other herbs have evolved.

No longer just for smoking, many people now enjoy cannabis lifestyle through different delivery methods, such as oils, concentrates, topicals, tinctures, and edibles.

With additional storage space under the sliding rolling tray, there's room to store away other items such as lighters, rolling papers, and vape pens.

The result is an attractive and functional stashbox for everything from smoking to storage.

The three airtight and smell-proof containers help store cured flowers, infused gummies or candies, and other herbs such as tobacco.

In addition, the brushed aluminum grinder makes light work of even the densest buds and is a must-have tool for any cannabis culture user.

 The ultimate in smoking accessories, it keeps everything organized, so recipients can put the days of losing their stash behind them.

And the people that live with them can enjoy the newfound organization and cleanliness in the home, too!

genesis accessories

3. Improves The Entire Experience

Everyone loves gifts and smoking accessories that improve the quality of their life, and with Genesis, that's what you're giving.

The thoughtful and elegant design keeps everything a medical or recreational cannabis lifestyle user needs in one place.

The result? A more refined, relaxed, and satisfying experience.

Partners or roommates can help keep things organized with cleaner smoking sessions.

Have you had enough of the cannabis user in your life leaving the coffee table looking like a student dorm with seeds, stems, torn-out rolling papers, and a mess all over?


The Genesis Handmade Bamboo Wooden Stashbox includes three (empty) airtight container jars to keep multiple strains, tobacco, and other herbs neatly stored away until ready to use.

The included grinder is top-notch quality with razor-sharp teeth that make quick work of even the densest buds.

The smooth, even grind results in easier packing, fewer re-rolls, and less waste overall. It's among the few smoking accessories that hit all the checkboxes.


Most importantly, giving gifts of a BlueBus Genesis Stashbox means your favorite cannabis lifestyle enthusiast can retire that old shoebox they've been using as a stash box for way too long.

That alone is worth the admission price - it's the ultimate in smoking accessories!

4. Elegant Packaging Means You Can Skip The Wrapping Paper (If You Want)

 As much as everyone loves to wrap (and roll) gifts if you're in a pinch, the Genesis comes in beautiful, discreet packaging that doesn't scream cannabis.

So no matter whether you finished off the last square foot of gift paper or are conscious about your environmental footprint, the recipient will be thrilled with this unique gift that includes:


  • Stashbox made from sustainable bamboo
  • Three premium jars with wooden lids - airtight/odor-proof.
  • Durable aluminum grinder for herbs
  • Round brush for herbs
  • Brush for cleaning
  • Miniature scissors
  • Packing stick
  • Silicone strip

 These items come neatly and securely inside the bamboo stash box, providing extra protection during shipping.

 Pro Tip: If you want to win a friend of a lifetime award, consider shipping it to yourself and adding a personal touch by filling the empty containers with the recipient's favorite herbs before exchanging gifts.

 After all, the only gift that would be better than a brand new BlueBus Genesis Stashbox is a Bluebus Genesis Stashbox that's already filled with goodies as a token (no pun intended) gift.

5. The Perfect Size

Not too big, not too small - the BlueBus Genesis is just right. It's large enough to store all the essential smoking gear but compact enough to easily fit on a coffee table, bedside table, or desktop. The rolling tray is also removable, so if space is tight, it's no problem.

 Lightweight and durable, it’s ready to travel.

So whether visiting with friends, going on a road trip, or taking a vacation, the Genesis Stashbox by BlueBus helps ensure that everything needed for a great smoking experience is close at hand while on the road.

But, do be responsible and follow all traffic laws!

6. It's A Beautiful Statement Piece

 Not only is the BlueBus Genesis Stashbox a cannabis user's dream come true, but it's also a beautiful piece of craftsmanship that makes a statement.

Whether you choose the stunning natural bamboo finish or prefer a pop of color, this is one gift that will have everyone asking where you got it.

Discreet and distinctive, it fits neatly on a bookshelf or coffee table and looks like an attractive jewelry box or humidor. The minimalist yet modern design won't stand out like a sore thumb in your home.

7. What's Best? It's Affordable And Sustainable

We all know how challenging shopping for the cannabis user in our lives can be. But with the BlueBus Genesis Stashbox, you don't have to break the bank to give the ultimate gift.

This beautiful stash box is a sustainable choice made of bamboo and supports the environment.

 So give the gift of a lifetime this holiday season with the BlueBus Genesis Stashbox. Your favorite cannabis user will undoubtedly thank you for it!