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Best Luxury Smoking Accessories You can find Today

Best Luxury Smoking Accessories You can find Today



In this blog, our chosen high-end smoking accessories place an emphasis on creative thoughts and handcrafted methods.

These accessories, created by both well-known and undiscovered producers, will improve your consumption experience, introduce scents, or leave an unforgettable impression on friends and visitors. Each enlisted item adds a distinctive and provocative flair to a space.

Those who use cannabis frequently experience harsh judgment from others despite their enthusiasm for the plant.

But as the use of weeds becomes more widespread and is gradually legalized around the world, we're learning to let go of the "stoner" stigma.

In 2022, lava lamps and tie-dye tapestries in college dorm rooms will no longer be associated with smoking.

Instead of keeping it hidden behind drink cans with removable bottoms, we proudly display this formerly private aspect of our lives and the happiness it offers us. And how do we go about accomplishing that? Of course, with the finest high-end luxury smoking accessories.

Smoking has now fully embraced the world of luxury goods. It can feel hazardous to choose trial and error with expensive products that haven't necessarily been evaluated, whether you're stocking up on high-end smoking products to improve your weed habit or purchasing gifts for the affluent stoner in your life.

If you have someone special who loves smoking, here is a list of the best luxury smoking accessories to choose from.

Let’s get started.

Best 20 Luxury Smoking Accessories Today!

1) Discovery Storage Box

Discovery storage box natural

Bluebus’s discovery storage box, which is made of environmentally friendly bamboo, contains a rolling tray that can be carried around, roomy compartments, a magnetic board, odor-proof jars, and all the other necessities for the best smoking experience.


  • Bamboo box
  • Sliding Rolling Tray
  • Cleaning brush
  • Metal and funnel cones
  • Tools stand and smell-proof glass jar
  • Mini scissors and metal packing sticks
  • Silicon strips and smell-proof bags

Price: $169.90


Genesis storage box

Bluebus’s genesis' huge bamboo storage box has a smooth, sophisticated appearance and is made of superior, environmentally friendly, sustainable bamboo. This storage box will enhance your space and go well with your home's decor.

A metal packing stick, cleaning brush, small scissors, silicone phone mount, brush for the spice grinder, three glass jars, and the best spice grinder round out the extensive accessory package.

You'll have everything you need to keep your stash organized and consistently roll excellent dice.

Strong hinges allow for simple opening and shutting, and the wooden tray slides easily for user convenience and spill prevention. Additionally, there is a specific opening in the tray for your tablet or phone.

The Genesis is the Perfect Home for Your Kit and a Great Gift Idea - This set of robust yet attractive bamboo stash boxes makes a thoughtful gift because it is special and has a lot of utility.


  • Made of Bamboo
  • The lid is secured by magnets
  • Smell-proof storage containers
  • Sliding rolling tray
  • Herbal grinder and cleaning brushes
  • Durable and stunning

Price: $99.90

3) Blaze Wooden Rolling Tray

blaze wooden rolling tray

Bluebus’s blaze is a multipurpose tray for use both inside and outside.

A set of hardwood rolling trays with carved accessory sections. It includes a phone holder, a herb grinder, two metal cones, a compressing stick, and small scissors in addition to two bunker jars for storing your goods.


  • Bamboo rolling tray
  • Two bunker jars
  • Phone holder and tin case
  • Metal and funnel cones
  • Metal packing sticks and mini scissors
  • Smell-proof & rainproof bag

Price: $99.90

4) Bulldog Smell Proof Bag

Buldog smell proof bag

Bluebus’s smell-proof lockable bag is designed to give you everything you need for a hassle-free session. It comes with two airtight jars, a 2.5" aluminum crusher, and other accessories for full odor-proof storage on the go.

Bulldog has a simple-to-use combination lock that keeps your valuables safe and covert, preventing unauthorized access to your personal supplies when you're not nearby.

The Bulldog allows you to simply organize your equipment much like you would in your stash box so you can swiftly pack and get outside. It has a zipped pocket and specific compartments for accessories.

The odor-proof storage container features a waterproof EVA material that traps all odors inside, keeping your items fresh and tasty. To keep your supply fresh, the case prevents moisture from penetrating.


  • Herbal grinder
  • Cone loader
  • Smell proof jar
  • Mini scissors and cleaning brush
  • Metal cone tray and metal packing sticks

Price: $79.90


Ceramic coating makes you forget about tedious cleanup! While other grinders' ceramic coatings eventually peel off, our proprietary food-safe coating is designed to stay in place and significantly reduce material adherence.

Our ceramic spices grinder offers a uniform, fluffy grind every time with a pollen catcher and sharp lion teeth that cut the spices, not tear them.

Elegant design combined with striking packaging results in a unique present. A cleaning brush and a pollen scraper are included with each 4-piece spice crusher and grinder.

No more coping with a grinder that gets stuck all the time. You'll adore the clever locking mechanism and the powerful magnet lid that perfectly secures the hero.


  • Strong magnetic lid
  • A stainless steel mesh screen
  • Sharp teeth to grind weed
  • Deep tray to prevent sticky corners

Price: $29.90

6) Tetra Carry Kit

This minimalist kit is the perfect high-end pot accessory for traveling or simply keeping things tidy at home, whether you're a novice or a seasoned cannabis user.

The Tetra Start Kit has comprised of one of their iconic pipes, a pearl queue sticks lighter, and a fog pin cleaning tool. It comes packed in a chic hard-sided leather carry box. Although the case has elastic straps, Tetra advises adding more cushioning if you plan to fly with this equipment.

Price: $152

7) Cloud 9 Pipe & Ashtray Set

More and more high-end marijuana accessory companies are creating stylish pipe and ashtray sets that may also be used as home decor.

Any coffee table will seem more stylish with this handcrafted Cloud 9 pipe and ashtray combination.

This two-piece ceramic set, available in iridescent black and lime green, comes with a dome-shaped pipe that fits neatly inside a coordinating ribbed ashtray. On Cloud 9, every aspect—from the design to the color choices—exudes a sense of refinement.

Price: $85

8) Rogue Paq Ritual Case in Black Leather Lambskin

There is an alternative to using plastic ziplock bags to store your smoking weed. The high-end cannabis accessories from Rogue Paq are created from protective but incredibly thin materials, like this silky lambskin leather. Along with its sleek appearance, this case has pockets of various sizes, a water-resistant lining, and odor-suppressing qualities so you can store all of your herbs and smoking equipment within. Internal padding easily absorbs shocks, and strong elastics keep everything in place. another benefit? A monogram can be added to any Rogue Paq product to make it feel like it was made especially for you.

Price: $269

BlueBus Best Luxury Smoking Tools and Accesories:

9) VerdieVie Iconic Stash Case

This stylish stash container for joints features a green crocodile exterior with gold embossing. It's both fashionable and useful, and after buying it, you might wish to purchase additional items made of the same green crocodile. A long metal arm holds the joints in place.

This adaptable and elegant accessory is a must-have for every smoker's toolbox. Store valuables or condoms. This Canadian company, created by Verde Vie, wants to remove the stigma associated with the cannabis culture.

Price: $115


10) Blazy Susan Stainless Steel Rolling Tray

Plastic rolling trays and all other plastic products need to be abandoned immediately. Although they are less expensive than other materials, they are not as strong or long-lasting and are tainted with toxins that can contaminate our buds.

Instead, think about choosing a metal tray, which is considerably more resilient and simpler to maintain than inexpensive tin and plastic counterparts. This one by Blazy Susan is available in rose gold, a purple-pink shade, and an iridescent rainbow. This is a must-have in terms of high-end cannabis accessories.

Price: $17


11) Cross Bar Pipe

The dreamiest fusion of chic and industrial is found in Love and Destroy's Cross Bar Pipe.

This stainless steel pipe, which comes in matte black, polished gold, or antiqued finishes, has crossbars at the bottom to keep it from tipping over and spewing ash all over the place. This pipe is a work of art that was created using a combination of 3D printing and hand finishing. It is one of the best high-end stoner accessories available.

Price: $85


12) Flower by Edie Parker Glass Cherry Pipe

Delicate glass fruit pipes somehow capture the spirit of expensive marijuana accessories. They have the ideal balance of frivolity and high-end appearance, like this vibrant glass cherry. This container can also be used as decoration for your shelves, mantle, or coffee table.

Price: $95

13) Banana Bros. OTTO Automatic Grinder & Cone Filler

Even while rolling a joint is undoubtedly an art, there are moments when you just want to relax with the finished product at your fingertips. Cannabis that is manually rolled will soon be history thanks to Banana Bros' high-tech electric grinder and joint roller. Even individuals who consider themselves to be experts in the field have been startled by the quality, according to reviewers. Look no further if you want perfectly shredded weed and consistently filled cones.

Price: $179


14) Paul Arnhold x Edie Parker Melon Twist Bong

self-described upscale headshop Edie Parker creates some of the best high-end weed accessories available, despite the fact that their products aren't exactly inexpensive.

The company is all about lofty creative design. In hand-blown collaboration with Brooklyn glass artist Paul Arnhold, each piece of this gorgeous light green bong is made in his workshop. Even the bowl has perfect attention to detail. Even if it costs a lot of money, you'll be happy to exhibit it all year long.

Price: $795

 Our Expensive Smoking Accessories Continues..

15) Laundry Day Hudson Pipe

High-end cannabis accessories from laundry day come in unusual materials, hues, and shapes.

However, they have a more approachable design than more expensive options, making them the ideal entry point for high-end cannabis accessories. The trend of circular smokeware is gaining popularity.

Unlike usually straight pieces, circular choices have a prettier look and are more comfortable to grip. Both transparent and opaque versions of this disc-shaped Laundry Day alternative are offered, and it also functions as an incense holder.

Price: $65

16) Miwak Junior Green “Julio” Pipe

Miwak Junior created this modern organic pipe using a combination of porcelain and stoneware clay.

It has an oval form and a smooth texture that makes it seem like a sea stone in your hand. This brand emphasizes covert functionality, drawing inspiration from pre-Columbian and Japanese minimalism.

Price: $70

17) Wavy Ashtray and Incense Holder

Improve your smoking ritual with concrete cat's abstract wavy ashtray and incense holder. The colored concrete offers a striking appearance and a premium, substantial feel.

One of the most interesting high-end cannabis accessories available, it contains a basin that can hold a sage torch or capture incense ash. Since the incense holder is discrete, it can also be used as a stand-alone ashtray. Choose from a variety of captivating two-tone color combinations.

Price: $85

18) Yew Yew Sunset Bong

Yew Yew is a female-owned company that sells high-end cannabis accessories with an emphasis on style and craftsmanship. Their Sunset Bong is the star of the show, despite the positive reviews for all of their pipes, cannabis grinders, and ashtrays.

Customers have nothing but positive things to say about this sculpture-like piece from Yew Yew, from the smooth hits it gives to the design. It is a little narrower and shorter than other bongs, adding stability and a distinctive appearance. Despite coming in a variety of colors, Amber is our classic choice.

Price: $140


19) Heir Waterpipe

Due to its cleaner and cooler hits, many stoners consider the Heir Waterpipe to be the best bong they have ever used. Compared to a regular, multi-chambered bong, it is simpler to clean and less likely to splatter because of its wide downstream.

Another key component of the Heir is its bowl. This item is made of stainless steel rather than the customary delicate glass component that is so simple to break, improving longevity and serving as an insulator.

Price: $260


20) Gossamer Magazine, Volume One

Some stoner fiction can be a touch too obvious. That is why Gossamer grew to be one of our favorites.

This publication describes itself as a publication for those who "simply happen to smoke pot" or have a positive attitude toward marijuana. With 144 pages of dreamlike content in high-quality matte and coated paper, Volume One is a cannabis enthusiast's dream come true. You won't regret spending $20 on this fascinating magazine issue, which features fascinating but odd photographs of false food, puzzles, short cannabis stories, and an in-depth reference to CBD.

Price: $20

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Bottom Line:

You have the opportunity to express the most in 2023 by presenting luxury smoking accessories. artisan-made, superb craftsmanship, designer-quality materials, and concepts with a focus on the future.

Give the gift of expression with opulent cannabis accessories, including designer pipes, sleek, cool electric lighters, and dazzling rolling papers.

With stylish items from leading smoking accessories brands like Bluebus, we've chosen the ideal presents for the aesthetes in your life. Spread the good smoke, be beautiful, and do everything in flair.