Why Is The BlueBus Blaze Tray The Best Way To Take Your Stash On The Go?

Why Is The BlueBus Blaze Tray The Best Way To Take Your Stash On The Go?

So, it's the game night at your besties' place, and you're responsible for bringing the smokeable herbs and accessories to keep the good times rolling.

Of course, you can always grab your gear and stuff it into a backpack or duffle. But where's the fun in that?

Not to mention the potential for your herbs to get lost in the shuffle, spill, and make a mess.

And when you add in accessories like grinders and herb trays, things can get out of control quickly. So you need a stash box!

What To Do?

Introducing the BlueBus Blaze Wooden Rolling Tray, the all-in-one solution to your smoke sesh woes.

However, this beauty is more than just a rolling tray - it's a complete Stashbox solution with everything you need to stay organized at home and take your herbs with you on the go.

The BlueBus Blaze is for people who appreciate style, sustainability, convenience, and functionality.

The tray, crafted from sustainable bamboo, is beautiful, durable, and easy to clean. It lays flat on any surface, so even if all you have is your lap, you can still trim and curate your herbs easily.

On top, the exquisitely carved tray features a raised edge to keep your herbs from spilling and predrilled holes to keep all accessories handy.

While the show's star is the tray, the accessories put the Blaze over the top. The set includes two (2) 160 ML Bunker Jars, Tin Storage Case, Smartphone Holder, 5-Inch High-Quality Aluminum Herb Grinder, 2 Metal Cones: king size and 1 ¼ size for pre-rolled cones, a pair of mini scissors, a metal packing stick, and an Odorproof carrying case.

So whether moving to another room in the house or taking things and heading to a friend's house, the Blaze has you covered. The discreet carrying case makes it easy to grab and go without attracting attention.

Blaze wooden rolling tray

BlueBus Blaze - Reimagining The Rolling Tray (Only Better!)

Herbs and other smokeable substances are gaining mainstream popularity as people learn about their benefits.

However, the tools and accessories necessary to enjoy these products don't reflect the same level of sophistication as the herbs themselves.

The BlueBus Blaze Rolling Tray is changing that by bringing a new level of style and convenience to the world of smokeable herbs.

This sleek and stylish tray is more than just a place to roll your herbs - it's a complete solution for those who appreciate discretion, quality, sustainability, and functionality. The Blaze is easy to grab and go with a durable, lightweight, smell-proof bag featuring a recyclable plastic outer shell.

With all this going for it, it's an excellent choice for people concerned about the impact of their consumer choices on the environment.

In addition, the tray, case, and accessories are made from sustainable products, making them an eco-friendly option for people wishing to enjoy their herbs while minimizing their impact on the planet.

And hey, who couldn't benefit from having a smartphone holder and a place to stash their grinder?

The BlueBus Blaze has thought of everything to make your smoke sesh more enjoyable. Unlike Bulldog, which is more relevant to take your stash outdoors, the Blaze offers a beautiful solution for packing your stuff when you go to a friend's house or plan a session indoors.


Keep Everything At Your Fingertips

For people who respect cleanliness, efficiency, and organization, the BlueBus Blaze Rolling Tray is a dream come true.

This bamboo tray supports a more organized cannabis lifestyle. The raised edge keeps your favorite herbal product from spilling or rolling away, while the predrilled holes keep all your tools and accessories in one place.

No more scavenger hunts for your grinder, rolling papers, scissors, or packing stick.

Get A Head Start On The Party And Keep The Good Times Rolling

Have a bunch of friends coming over and want to get a head start on the party?

The BlueBus Blaze Stashbox empowers you to get rocked and ready for your friends before they even arrive. The heavy-duty grinder is powerful enough to take on any herb, while the two sizes of metal cones let you pre-roll for any occasion.

So whether planning for a chill night or getting ready for a big party, the Blaze has you covered.


At Home Or On The Go - Keep Your Stashbox Close

 Blaze accesories

The BlueBus Blaze isn't just a tray - it's a complete solution for the modern cannabis lifestyle enthusiast.

So whether you're planning on hanging with friends watching the game or taking a road trip to put some experience and miles under your belt, the Blaze has you covered.

So why not ditch the old, boring rolling tray for something more reflective of your sophisticated taste?

The BlueBus Blaze Rolling Tray is the perfect addition to any cannabis collection. So get one for yourself and see what you've been missing!

Be The Envy Of All Your Friends!

Undoubtedly, your friends and smoking buddies will be impressed with your new Blaze Rolling Tray.

The elevated, minimalist design is attractive and eye-catching, adding a note of style and sophistication to your smoke sesh.

In addition, the build quality is excellent, with a solid bamboo construction that will stand up to years of use.

But the best part of the BlueBus Blaze Rolling Tray is how this functional smoking accessory makes your life easier.

With everything you need to roll and enjoy your herbs in one place, you'll spend less time preparing and more time enjoying your favorite herbal medicines. So get your Blaze Rolling Tray today and be the envy of all your friends!


The Blaze - Ready To Roll Whenever, Wherever

So why wait? The BlueBus Blaze Rolling Tray is ready to roll whenever, wherever.

With a complete stash solution that's easy to use and transport, there's no reason not to have one of these great trays in your collection. So order your Blaze Rolling Tray today!